Thinking in Billions

May 24 2023 in Noblessner, Tallinn

An official side event of Latitude59 organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Accelerate Estonia & Startup Estonia.

The intersection of public and private sector innovation

Estonia is well-known for its smooth and efficient collaboration model between public and private sector that aims to create a positive global impact. The government plays an important role in enhancing innovation, but never alone. Innovators from the private sector provide new and creative solutions to existing problems in our society. Giving innovators opportunities to foster change in the public sector is crucial.

Topics of discussion

It is time to think about how to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors and what kind of role good communication models play in fostering change. For Thinking in Billions 2023 we will analyse these collaborations and questions especially in the context of deep tech as an example of where intersectoral collaboration can be most impactful.

How to genuinely think in billions and what does it actually mean?
How can we enhance the collaboration between the government and innovators?
What obstacles could the government help alleviate?
What incentives should be granted to help innovation prosper?
What risks ought to be taken in order to meet the needs of innovative entrepreneurs?

Join us in:

at the Proto Factory in Tallinn

Innovative policymaking from around the world

The event will focus on sharing best practices and success stories from various countries as well as fostering collaboration between governments, founders, universities, investors, and research institutions on how to enable us to truly think in billions. 

Thinking in Billions was designed to shed light on the various measures that innovative policymakers are testing out locally in collaboration with the private sector.