Thinking in Billions

May 22 2024 in Noblessner, Tallinn

An official side event of Latitude59 organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Accelerate Estonia & Startup Estonia.

How can countries be a legal testbed for groundbreaking innovation and resilience?

Regulations can either encourage innovation and economy or slow it down. This year, Thinking in Billions is focusing on how governments can offer a legal playground for experimentation, allowing companies to navigate through regulatory requirements while developing groundbreaking solutions. In addition to fostering innovation, we must also focus on resilience. Dual use in defence tech is crucial for both military and civilian applications, serving as a catalyst for innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Topics of discussion

Governments play a pivotal role by facilitating regulatory sandboxes, offering guidance, resources, and flexibility. This collaborative effort empowers innovators, regulators and investors to navigate emerging technologies effectively, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation.

Regulatory sandboxes are enablers of transformational innovation for the private sector and an endless learning accelerator for the public sector.

How does the regulatory sandbox help me to legalise my product?
Which tech and industries gain most from regulatory sandboxes?
How does a regulatory sandbox hasten market entry amid legal ambiguity?
How can we foster resilience through innovation?
How can we enable rapid piloting of transformative innovation?

Join us in:

at the Proto Factory in Tallinn

Innovative policymaking from around the world

The event will focus on sharing best practices and success stories from various countries as well as fostering collaboration between governments, founders, universities, investors, and research institutions on how to enable us to truly think in billions. 

Thinking in Billions was designed to shed light on the various measures that innovative policymakers are testing out locally in collaboration with the private sector.