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Sandra Särav

Undersecretary for Business Environment at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Sandra Särav is the Deputy Secretary General for Business and Consumer Environment at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. She’s been back at the Estonian government for just over a year, but it’s not her first time there - she simply made a detour to private sector, gaining experience both at the Estonian tech unicorn Bolt, as well as Meta (Facebook), and decided to rejoin the public sector in early 2022. What brought her back to government was the sense of mission of building solutions for your own country.

Alberto Giovanni Busetto

AI Executive, VC and World Economic Forum Council Member

As the inaugural global head of Data & AI at both Merck Healthcare and The Adecco Group, he led the creation and management of impactful AI products in healthcare, biotech, electronics, and employment. Mentor of the United Nations Global Compact, Merck-Deloitte Digital Champion, IBM Distinguished Speaker, he has been recognized as one of the nation’s outstanding young engineers by the US National Academy of Engineering and as the US Big Data Chair of the Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering.

Ott Velsberg

Government Chief Data Officer of Estonia

Dr. Ott Velsberg is a renowned Estonian IT specialist and government official, known for his expertise in data governance and artificial intelligence. As the current Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Estonia, he is responsible for driving the country’s data policy and initiatives related to the use of data and AI in the public sector. Under his leadership, Estonia has gained a reputation as a trendsetter in data governance, open data, and artificial intelligence. With his passion for technology and data, he is making significant contributions to Estonia’s digital transformation and shaping the country’s future in data governance.