The Nobel Hall with its separate entrance and spacious lobby is located in the Noblessner Foundry, city center side, and is distinguished from the rest of the building by its lower roof. 

The hall was named after Emanuel Nobel, one of the founders of the historic submarine shipyard. This side of the building housed the foundry for non-ferrous metals. The large hall of the foundry, which is now the PROTO discovery factory, used to be the shipyard’s assembly workshop. For detailed information, please visit their website.


Latitude59 2023 takes place on Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 May in Tallinn, Estonia at the Kultuurikatel – a century-old power plant transformed into a magnificent creative hub. Latitude59 is the most known international flagship startup & technology conference in the Baltics. Over the past decade, the event has become one of the main attractions for the region’s top investors and startup companies, and the most impactful time to bring over international guests and welcome partners from around the world. With around 3000 attendees, including more than 500+ investors and more than 800+ startup representatives, the tech gathering brings together key players who are serious about startups and investing. Participants will hail from all over the world, from Northern Europe to Silicon Valley to Japan.

Latitude59 2023 is going to be bold. Our mission is to recruit thought leaders and spokespeople from all around the globe to talk honestly and openly about what really matters, facing the most urgent challenges in the industry. We will focus on startups and investors who value impact and inclusion as much as we do. We know that every attendee matters when everyone is driven by the same underlying goal – changing the world.



Accelerate Estonia is the Estonian governmental innovation lab – we are the launchpad for moonshot ideas that create true systemic change.

We run one-of-a-kind experiments with collaboration between the public and the private sector, in which we remove regulatory barriers so that new markets can be created for entrepreneurs and systemic challenges can be fixed for the government.

We help businesses understand market needs so that together we can find pain points in regulation and governance, which need intervention so that creation of new markets can take place.

Accelerate Estonia was created by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and is powered by Tehnopol Science and Business Park.


Startup Estonia is a governmental initiative aimed to create more success stories of startup companies in Estonia by developing three building blocks: availability of human resources and capital, open and connected community and services, and transparent and straightforward regulative infrastructure


The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is a government ministry of Estonia. The objective of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to increase the competitiveness of Estonian companies and thus the prosperity of the people. The Ministry is also in charge of implementing the R&D and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy 2035 (RDIE) by creating measures to promote innovation and support research-intensive startups which are of central importance to increasing knowledge transfer.